Undo a Send

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At SENT we know that every now and then someone is going to make a file sending mistake.

So in case you accidentally SENT the wrong file, or chose the wrong recipient, or even just changed your mind — we aren’t judgy–as long as the file(s) hasn’t been downloaded yet, there is a way to Undo the Send .

To Undo a Send, go to the Your History page, either by clicking on the History tab of the top menu bar or clicking on the Files Sent button on the Dashboard.

Find the file in the list. If an undo is still possible there will be  an icon of a hand next to it. Click the Hand icon.

Confirm the Undo Send action.

The stamps you spent on this transaction will be credited to your account immediately.

You will get a confirmation email for this action, and your recipient will also be notified.