Receiving Files When You Have an Account

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When you receive files, you can do download it, forward it or even just delete it.

As soon as someone SENTs you a file you will be notified via email.

The Inbox number indicator on your dashboard will also go up.

Navigate to your Inbox either by clicking on the orange View Files button in the email, or log in to SENT and click on the Inbox Files button on your Dashboard, or the Inbox tab on the menu bar at the top of page.

To download your file, click on the file’s orange link.

Your browser will likely let you navigate to where you want to save the file.

If not read Where did files go? to get some standard download locations.

To forward a file, click on the arrow icon.

This will take you to the Send page, where you can choose a recipient and Expiration Date and add an Encrypted Note.

Please review the overview of sending files.

To delete a file from your inbox, clink on the the X icon.

 Thanks for using SENT!