Choosing an Expiration Date

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The default Expiration Date for SENT files is 1 day, because that is the most secure, but we understand that sometime your recipient just needs more time

Every SENT file comes with a free 3 day expiration with the option of purchasing an additional 2 days for a maximum of 5 days.

To set the Expiration Date on a file, start by following the navigating to the Send page.

For more detailed instructions on sending a file see: How to SENT a File

Then choose a recipient(s), and click Continue.

Once you choose your file, it is time to set the expiration.

Use the Expiration Date drop down to set your desired expiration date.

Pricing allows you up to 3 days expiration before it costs extra stamps. (2 extra days costs 1 extra stamp.)

Your recipients will receive notifications when the files are about to expire, so they can be sure to pick them up.